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 NFL Lousies

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PostSubject: NFL Lousies   12/21/2008, 12:00 pm

There are four teams in the NFL right now that could get beat or get played close by some college team. Those teams are the Bengals, Chiefs, Raiders, and Lions.

Now I’m not saying these teams don’t have talent; they do, but the organizations are in such disarray its ridiculous.

Bengals – With or without Carson Palmer, this team cannot run the ball to save their lives and if a team needs balance in the NFL. But the Bengals can’t even throw with two really good receivers….so no offense, with a ton of injuries, and dysfunction over the summer= 2-11-1 record…

Chiefs – I’m from just outside of Kansas City so I see first hand how bad they have become, and it makes my eyes bleed… Carl Peterson is the worst GM in the history of sports. Herm Edwards continues to get the least possible out of his team to close a game and makes stupid decisions to lose it. Have made solid draft picks, but outside of Dewayne Bowe, the Chiefs are just getting solid contributions right now. Brandon Flowers could be a great corner some day, even for his size he is a gamer. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, but to get there the Chiefs NEED to get rid of Peterson and the underperforming Edwards

Raiders – Starts at the top and ends there. When one man controls, nothing good can come from it. He over pays for players and doesn’t give his coaches time to even get there office set up before he fires them. Had a great D last year, and yet it sucks this year… that is due to the unstable environment

Lions – Awful front office. Need I say more? However, look to be on track after great selections of Calvin Johnson and running back Kevin Smith. An actual good trade of receiver Roy Williams has netted the Lions tons of picks that could easily lead to a faster than expected turn around.
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NFL Lousies
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